Top 3 Web Hosting Providers Of 2021

Host Color

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HC has 20 years of excellent business record in the web hosting industry. It is among the best providers of affordable Failover Cloud Web Hosting for write intensive applications and high performance websites. The website hosting service plans start at $3.99/mo.

HCE Coud Servers

Europe Cloud Hosting Infrastructure

HCE offers Web Hosting and Cloud Servers powered by VMware enterprise virtualization technologies. Take a look at our Managed Websites. Outsource the management, system and technical administration of your website to HCE. Your website will be always up on our infrastructure, because it is hosted in a High Availability Cloud servers. If there is a failure on the underlying physical infrastructure or OS failure on the server that hosts your website the Highly Availability (HA) brings it back online within less than 1 minute.



RAX is one of the longest running web hosting providers in Europe and one of the most reliable Cloud Infrastructure service providers in Eastern and Southeast Europe. RAX delivers Failover Web Hosting, Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud IaaS services with 100% availability from Equinix SOF 1 data center, based out of Sofia, Bulgaria.

3 most important things to know when you buy Web Hosting?

Failover & Cloud-based

Make sure that your web hosting provider has high availability or any form failover service in place. To have those it must use a Cloud computing infrastructure to deliver hosting services.

Managed Services

Nowadays Web Hosting is a commodity service. An outstanding web hosting provider has to offer Managed services and other valued-added services, such as SEO, CMS and website code optimization services.


Any good web hosting company should offer scalability with its Shared Hosting plans. This means to use a Cloud infrastructure where the processing and storage operations are separated in different subsystems.

Cloud Servers w/ Failover

Do you need a Cloud Server with failover? In case of an outage, the Failover function will restart your Cloud Server on a different host part of the the Cloud infrastructure. The operations will resume automatically.


Cloud Server

Popular, good web hosting providers with strong market positions, who use some form of overselling as a part of their Shared Hosting services (like offering "unmetered" or "unlimited"), and/or some marketing ploys to sign more customers.


WebHostingPad offers affordable web hosting with a free domain, easy-to-use website builders and 24/7 support. Visit WebHostingPad to get review plans.


HostPapa advertises $3.95/month - Optimized WordPress Hosting and claims "incredible page speeds on your websites due the use of high performance servers.


iPage is a Canadian web host offers Affordable and E-Commerce Enabled Web Hosting with easy, drag and drop website builder tools. Reliable, affordable web hosting since 1998.


Hostinger advertisesPremium Quality Web Hosting service and offers services in UK, India, Spain, Italy, Turkey, China, France, Brazil, Germany and Indonesia.


Small business web hosting you can rely on! is what FatCow suggests and adds "Whether you're looking for a domain or complete web hosting solution, FatCow's got it!"


Contabo is a German web hoster that offers low-cost dedicated servers, VPS, webspace and colocation. Check their Powerful VPS S SSD.

Quality web hosting providers who provide niche web hosting services or are among the leaders in any regional markets (for example in Europe, Asia or South America).

HCE - EU Dedicated Servers

HCE claims to offer Compute Clouds & IT Infrastructure Everywhere you need them. The company specializes in offering EU Dedicated Server Hosting. As of Jan 2021 HCE is presented in 36 European data centers.


High quality, High Bandwidth Dedicated Servers with enterprise SSD storage or NVMe storage in your preferred geographical locations connected on 1 Gbps or 10 Gbps Internet port. ServerWhere (SW) provides Cloud Servers and physical Dedicated Servers in 44 data centers in 6 continents.

RAX Cloud

RAX is a leader on the market of Cloud Services in Southeast Europe.. It provides Business Cloud infrastructure with 100% availability. Get High Availability & Fault-Tolerant Cloud Servers.


Discover The Best Web Hosting Providers 2021. Find who are arguably the best web hosting companies that provide fast, high performance services. Choose any of them for website, cloud, dedicated or VPS hosting and content delivery

Our editors have selected a list of hosting providers that worth your attention. Please note that we have a commercial relationship with some of the providers who pay us commission when we refer them customers. However, we did not select the "The Best" solely based on our commercial relationships with providers. As you can see, none of the famous overselling Shared Hosting providers is in our Top 3 rank. The reason for that is simple. They aren't among the top 3 hosting companies.

A very important factor for the Cloud Web Hosting service of 2021 is whether it is powered by a High Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructure. When it comes to hosting of websites, Public Cloud and the delivery of public content, HPC has always been difficult to achieve. The reason is that it wasn't affordable for the most web hosting providers to satisfy any large resource requirements, to build and own a powerful Cloud infrastructure and to scale it on demand. However, in 2021 many cloud providers will either invest in their own infrastructures or will use leased Cloud IaaS, which will allow them to deliver High Performance Computing even as a part of their standard Virtual Hosting offerings.