Why Does exist?

We simply present some web hosting providers that worth the money. There are thousands of top web hosting and "best web hosting" lists. What you will find there are the same web hosting providers who are listed based on their commercial relationship with the websites, a models which is fundamentally corrupted. Why? Because most of the "Best Web hosting" lists do not offer any criteria which they apply to their selection. In fact there is one criteria - the money they get. Some website hosting websites charge $200 commission per sale to list a certain web hosting provider. This doesn't pay off. Either the web hosts cheat and manipulate their commission per sale programs, or the investors who put their money in such companies one day find that they got screwed.

Let's not worry about the investors, however. We care about the hundred thousands of business owners who have been misled by the most popular web hosting providers that there are unlimited computing resources and storage quotes. This Best 10 Web Hosts website is for them, to help them choose a good hosting provider.

We have selected web hosting providers you can trust. unfortunately some of them do advertise "unlimited" or "unmetered" features with their Shared Hosting plans. For that reason they do not get into our Top 3 Web Hosting Providers!

Top 3 Web Hosting Providers Of 2021

Host Color

HC has 20 years of excellent business record in hosting industry. It is among the best provides of affordable Failover Cloud Web Hosting for write intensive applications and high performance websites.

HCE Europe Dedicated Servers

HCE Dedicated Servers

HCE is one of the most recognizable provide of high quality and high bandwidth Dedicated Servers in Europe. The company delivers Bare-Metal dedicated server hosting services from 22 European cities. HCE offers 10 Gbps dedicated servers hosted in Netherlands and UK data centers.



RAX is one of the most reliable providers of Cloud infrastructure and web hosting services in Eastern Europe. The company delivers Cloud, Dedicated, Colocation and Web Hosting services from Equinix SOF 1, a Tier 4 data center, based out of Sofia, Bulgaria. The company has points of presence in other data centers in Southeast Europe.

Do We Earn Money from Any Web Hosts?

Yes, we do earn commission per sale from web hosting providers. However, you will see that there are many very popular web host, that usually pay the highest commissions, aren't featured here. Why? The reason is that, the commission per sales isn't a criteria to get any provider listed at Our Top 3 Web Hosts Of 2020, for example do not pay the highest commission per sale. However, they will provide you with the best possible service.