Best Cloud Server Hosting Providers of 2021

HC Cloud Server Hosting

HostColor - Cloud Servers from only $20/mo

Public Cloud Servers and Private Cloud with High Availability and Fault-Tolerance for the computing and storage operations.

Go to our HostColor's Compare Cloud Service Providers web page to see how HC fares agains the major clouds and why HostColor is a much better choice as a Cloud service provider for Small or Medium-sized businesses than Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure.

HCE Coud Servers

Europe Cloud Hosting Infrastructure

HCE offers VMware powered Cloud infrastructure. Take a look at our High Availability Cloud Servers. If there is a failure on the underlying physical infrastructure or OS failure on your instance the Highly Availability (HA) service restarts your Public or Private Cloud Server and brings it back online within less than 1 minute.



RAX is one of the most reliable Cloud Infrastructure service providers in Eastern and Southeastern Europe. The company delivers Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud IaaS services with 100% availability from Equinix SOF 1 data center, based out of Sofia, Bulgaria.

ServerWhere Cloud Infrastructure


Super fast Cloud Servers delivered from US, UK and various European data centers. Pay for Cloud services with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies! Get a Cloud Server with NVMe storage in your preferred geographical locations connected on 1 Gbps or 10 Gbps Internet port. ServerWhere (SW) provides Cloud infrastructure and physical Dedicated Servers in 44 data centers, on 6 continents.

3 most important things to know when you sign up for a Cloud Server?

Hight Availability

Hight Availability (ha) provides cost-effective failover protection against any outage caused by a hardware or an Operating System (OS) failure. If there is a downtime, the HA restarts automatically the cloud server. There is not need to reboot the server manually.

Storage Failover

The native Cloud services are delivered from computing instances that use a network storage with some from of failover. Always ask your Cloud service provider whether they offer failover storage service for the Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud infrastructure.

Failover Cloud

There are different failover technologies that guarantee 100% uptime. Ask your Cloud host which one do they use. One of the best is VMware's Fault Tolerance technology. It creates a Failover Cloud Server, which is synchronized and always up-to-date with the primary one.