Best Dedicated Server Providers of 2021

Host Color

HostColor - Bare-Metal Servers from $95/mo

HostColor (HC) provides reasonably priced Dedicated serves with 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps Internet connectivity from its Midwest U.S. data Center.

Pay attention to the company's Unmetered Dedicated Servers offered from various points in North America. HC also provisions dedicated hosting services from various Asian data centers. Check their Asian Dedicated Server offerings.

HCE Europe Dedicated Servers

HCE Dedicated Servers

HCE is one of the most recognizable provide of high quality and high bandwidth Dedicated Servers in Europe. The company delivers Bare-Metal dedicated server hosting services from 22 European cities. HCE offers 10 Gbps dedicated servers hosted in Netherlands and UK data centers.



RAX is one of the most reliable providers of Infrastructure as a service in Eastern Europe. The company delivers Dedicated hosting services from Equinix SOF 1, a Tier 4 data center, based out of Sofia, Bulgaria. The company has points of presence in other data centers in Southeast Europe.

High Bandwidth Dedicated Server Hosting


High quality, high bandwidth Dedicated Server with enterprise SSD storage or NVMe storage in your preferred geographical locations connected on 1 Gbps or 10 Gbps Internet port. ServerWhere (SW) provides Cloud infrastructure and physical Dedicated Servers in 44 data centers in 6 continents.

3 most important things to know when you sign up for a Dedicated Server?

Hardware Redundancy

Do not try to save $10 or $20 per month to buy a dedicated server with one HDD/SSD or one PSU. Make sure that you have been offered a a server chassis with dual power supply. Spend a little bit more on storage an make you have a hot-spare drive.

Managed Services

If don't have a system administrator, ask the web hosting provider to offer a Managed Service. you'd need someone to managed your storage usage, RAID and OS, to secure your server, apply application updates, check for hardware errors and server utilization.


The quality of the host network is very important. Make sure that you are signing up with a provider that do not tolerate mass mailing and does not host other high risky projects. This would guarantee that you'll get a quality networking service.