Best VPS Hosting Providers of 2021

HC VPS Hosting

Best VPS from $4/mo by

SSD VPS Hosting and SATA VPS with fast RAD protected storage.

Go to our HostColor's VPS Hosting section and review our Kernel-based Virtual Machines and Linux Containers-based (LXC) virtual private servers. Pricing for SATA storage powered VPS starts as low as $4/mo. The entry level SSD VPS costs $9/month. All Virtual Servers use Proxmox virtualization platform and are managed by ProxCP.

HCE Coud Servers

Cloud VPS

HCE offers VMware ESXi-based Cloud VPS. Take a look at our VMware VPS. The entry level cloud-based virtual server that features 1 CPU core, 2 GB RAM and 20 GB failover SSD storage costs only $17/month.


RAX Virtual Private Servers

RAX Cloud-based VPS Hosting plans are hosted on a cluster that features failover for the storage and business continuity for the processing operations. VPS start as low as $15 per month. Host your apps in one of the most reliable Cloud infrastructures in Eastern and Southeastern Europe.

ServerWhere Cloud Infrastructure

ServerWhere VPS

Fast pay-as-you-go Cloud VPS delivered from US, UK and various data centers across Europe. Pay for VPS Hosting with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies! Get a Cloud Virtual Server with NVMe storage. Choose geographical location, 1 Gbps or 10 Gbps Internet connection. ServerWhere (SW) provides Cloud VPS from 44 data centers on 6 continents.

3 most important things to know when you buy VPS Hosting?

Failover VPS

Make sure that your web hosting provider has any form failover VPS service in place. To have those it must use a Cloud computing infrastructure to deliver hosting services.

Managed Services

Nowadays VPS Hosting is a commodity service. An outstanding VPS provider has to offer Managed services and other valued-added services, such as SEO, CMS and website code optimization services.


Any good VPS hosting company should offer scalability with its Virtual Private Server plans. This means to use a Cloud infrastructure where the processing and storage operations are separated in different subsystems.