Top 3 Windows Hosting Of 2021



Windows Hosting Plans. Enjoy professional Windows hosting powered by Windows Server 2016 and featuring MSSQL 2017, 4.7 & .NET core 3.1.

Host Color

Host Color

HC is one of the best providers of affordable Windows Cloud Servers. The Windows Server Hosting plans start at $20 per month with Windows 10 OS.

TurnKey Internet


Professional Windows Web hosting from $7.99/month. Our Windows 2012 servers come packed with the latest IIS 8 optimized with the latest security and performance settings.

3 most important things to know when you buy Windows Hosting?

Failover & Cloud-based

Make sure that your web hosting provider has high availability or any form failover service in place. To have those it must use a Cloud computing infrastructure to deliver hosting services.

Managed Services

Nowadays Web Hosting is a commodity service. An outstanding web hosting provider has to offer Managed services and other valued-added services, such as SEO, CMS and website code optimization services.


Any good web hosting company should offer scalability with its Shared Hosting plans. This means to use a Cloud infrastructure where the processing and storage operations are separated in different subsystems.